The New Johnson Matthey Warehouse Development

in ROYSTON, Herts.

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Coun. Thake and chums - what have you done?!!


How Wrong Can A Man Be?! (Royston Crow letter mid-2007)


Midnight lighting on the JM car park adjacent to North Close.


'Trouble at Mill', Nov. 2007. Two of three fire engines attending

an incident behind Gate 17D in Beverley Close.


Fire engines and one of the police squad cars in attendance.


Our view on returning home after a great late summer day out.

Pollution on all fronts - aural, visual and chemical.


An artist's impression of what it could look like

with a natural growing greenery covering - thanks Nick.


This shows what residents think, they are selling up and leaving.

Our thanks to NHDC and JM for their social contribution, 4th August 2007.


This will 'blend in and nobody will notice' we are told!!

A view from Rock Road


As if we hadn't guessed this would happen next...

...Orchard Way 'For Sale', 27th March 2007


View along Rock Road before JM development


Back Garden View - Work In Progress...


More Work In Progress - 'Minimal Visual Impact'?


View of the town from Royston Heath showing the extent of JM, Feb. 2007


An Orchard Way Resident Child's Bedroom Aspect


Group photo of some concerned local residents taken by 'Mercury' photographer (Mar 07)


Another Orchard Way Back Garden Vista - "My shed or yours? :) "


Handing Shlomi's petition to Oliver Heald, March 17th 2007


Article In The 'Mail On Sunday', 18th March 2007


The following document was shown out of the blue to a resident

of Orchard Way after they had been living in the house for over eleven

years completely oblivious to the risk of chlorine and other exposure

from JM - click the link below the image to view it...

click HERE to view the NHDC Gas Escape Procedures PDF

(Download then install Adobe Acrobat Reader - required for above - click HERE)



Even the 'Burma Star' Doesn't Save The The Skyline!!

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