The New Johnson Matthey Warehouse Development

in ROYSTON, Herts.

Your chance to air your comments and/or objections and to say

what you think should be done about this obscenity.

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The picture below shows how it looked in January 2007, the complete

skyline gone as you look along Rock Road from the Old North Road End.

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Please take time out to give us your views on this development

and how it affects you. We have already prompted some comment

in the local press and have some ideas of what further efforts we might make

to get the relevant authorities take notice of our views.

We are at the moment only a small number of local and affected Royston

residents and feel that we would have much more clout with more

of you, our neighbours, on our side.

So please tell us what you think below...

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Please use the link below to view all the pictures sent in

by viewers of this website. We have started it off with one that appeared in

the Royston Crow in February 2007.

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